I have been experiencing a bit of what is called “caregiver burnout” and yesterday was especially out of sync. It’s not surprising that I had a dream last night in which John and I escaped to a tropical island — which turned into a “police state” before our very eyes (surprisingly not our fault in any way). In the dream, John wanted to get the next plane out. Quite uncharacteristically, I refused. “If we keep moving — make ourselves moving targets — there’s a good chance that the insurgents will not shoot us,” I calmly told him. Haha. You know things are not going splendidly when you choose near-certain death over yet another day of your routine. Happy to report that today is a much better day. And I am still laughing at the look on John’s face when I delivered that line in my dream.

6 thoughts on “Burnout

  1. Okay Mary Ann…this is where I insist that you come south a bit to Bucks County and have a weekend of drinks, fine food and fun with a family member and a friend who can provide a lot of laughs and giggles over nothing in particular. What do you say?

    1. That would be nice! Actually I would like to join you and Robin the next time you meet for lunch. I need to return and we need to discuss the book you so kindly lent to me. What an eye-opener! Tough to handle at times, but the kind of book you feel everyone should be reading — but won’t (because what could possibly compete with 50 Shades of Gray or some other such tripe?)

      1. Why don’t we try to meet within the next two weekends? I am off on Fridays and I can be available on Saturday or Sunday. I will check with Robin. I have another book for you. I have just finished Anderson Cooper’s book written with his Mom, Gloria Vanderbilt. It is a lovely Mother and Son back and forth journal that we would all love to have had with our parents and don’t have for various reasons. I think you would enjoy it. I hope to see you soon. Keep your chin up. You are not alone. (Maybe we could work a get together into quarterly gatherings. That would be lovely.) Hugs, Jill

        1. I am better on weekdays, forgot you are working. Maybe an early weeknight dinner is possible? Or you can just give me some weekend dates, I will see what is going on.

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